Clear Stained Natural Woods

The beauty of Custom Natural wood Shutters lightly stained to bring out the quality and character of the grain. In any interior, shutters set off the rooms atmosphere. KirtzĀ© builds their plantation shutters with domestic and imported woods, hand selected and milled onsite. You have your pick of Ash, Curly Maple, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Red or White Oak, Knotty Pine.

The style of the shutter is usually determined by the louver size. Our shutters come in three basic “styles”. Traditional size of 2 1/2″, Classic or Colonial style of 3 1/2″ and the Plantation style of 4 1/2″ louvers.

Each style can be ordered as a Cafe Shutter. Cafe Shutters are normally half the height of the window opening. Cafe shutters have no frame on the top of the shutter, allowing you to complete the top of the window with a “soft” window treatment. Cafe shutters are great for a country style room or for a kitchen.

Each Custom Shutter starts as a standard size board hand selected by our craftsman and milled on the factory floor. Sanded and checked for imperfections and if any are found it is hand sanded till perfectly smooth.


Furniture-grade hardwoods
Insulates your room
More stable than vinyl or plastic
Three louver sizes
Available as a Cafe Shutter
Custom Built from scratch

Ships in 4 Weeks

Hand selected woods
Enhances any style of room
Handcrafted and made in the USA
Guaranteed not to sag or warp*
Milled on the factory floor
Multiple thin coats of stain

Technical Specifications

Louvers are elliptical, a full 1/2″ inch thick at center for strength and stability
Louvers overlap 1/2″ for improved temperature and light control
Standard Stiles are 2 1/8″ wide and 1 1/4″ thick.
Louvers are fitted with nylon bushings for smooth, quiet operations and long life.
Panels over 96″ in height require a Divider Rail
Panel heights over 96″ incur an oversize fee of $150
Panel heights over 96″ are packed and shipped in a wooden crate.