Custom Plantation Shutters


Custom Interior Wooden Traditional, Classic, Colonial, and Plantation Shutters are our specialty.

We begin with hand selected hardwoods, classic styling, and a passion for working with quality woods so our shutters enhance our customers lives in addition to their rooms decor. Ready to paint or stain.

Whether it is a perfect circle, a cafe shutter, an Atrium or French door, a triangle, or the standard square window; we craft a custom shutter to your specific dimensions with an eye to your decor.

We take that extra step for you.



Architects and designers have learned that when their clients require the finest quality in custom-crafted hardwood shutters, they can turn to Kirtz® Shutters in Stillwater, OK.

Naomi and Ashley Judd, Tammy Wynette and Wayne Gretsky are only a few of those who have enhanced their homes and offices with Kirtz custom shutters. Larry Bird liked the shutters so much he had 100 installed in his Florida home.

When the Baker Design Group of Boston recently specified shutters for the renovation of Harvard University’s Aldrich Hall, they relied on Kirtz to create fixed louvers set at various gradients to maximize outside light while eliminating direct sun at all hours of the day.


Kirtz specializes in handcrafted shutters made from kiln-dried, furniture-grade natural and exotic hardwoods that are hand-graded and milled in their own plant.

“Premium shutters cannot be made with soft woods. They will lose their shape in heat or moisture. Only the density of fine hardwoods can guarantee lasting beauty and durability,” says Greg Kirby, Kirtz co-owner.

Kirtz standard domestic hardwoods include cherry, red oak, white oak, ash, walnut, knotty pine, maple and mahogany. Maple is the standard for painted shutters.

Like fine furniture, shutters add a special beauty and drama when crafted in exotic woods. Lacewood, tigerwood, purpleheart, burl, curly and birds-eye maple, teak, padauk, South American walnut, zebra, bubinga (African rosewood) and reclaimed wormy chestnut are usually in stock for special orders.

Additional woods, such as the 100-year-old reclaimed heart pine specified for Woody Allen’s luxurious condominium in New York, are tracked down and milled on site.

Basic louver sizes are 1 7/8, 2 1/2, 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 inches. Custom sizes and shapes, including arched louvers, are crafted to specifications.


Because designing and measuring for shutters is sometimes a tedious and daunting task, Kirtz has a team of designers and technicians who provide advice, schematics and elevations to make the details of every job go smoothly. Stains and colors are perfected until they have full client approval.

To assure the quality that is inherent in each Kirtz shutter, all the woodworking is performed by hand, starting with the cutting of rough timber. “Computer technology has no place here,” says Chris Tietz, co-owner. “Our goal to bring out the finest character in our woods can only be accomplished through the skilled eye and expert hands of experienced woodworkers. Only a skilled craftsman can make computer-defying decisions on the exact angles and arcs that certain architectural shapes require to enhance the character of the woods, and for that there is no technological substitute.”

Tietz further explains that Kirtz artisans must be mathematicians as well as woodworkers to apply the algorithms and geometrical relationships required to form shutter panels for many of the custom shapes and spaces specified.

Once the form has been created, panels are built and the surfaces are meticulously hand-sanded and inspected for minute blemishes or flaws. Multiple thin coats of finish or paint are then applied and heat-set for a hard, durable finish.

Finally, Kirtz shutters are shipped out worldwide, pre-hung and ready to install.


Kirtz Shutters was formed when two custom woodworkers, Kirby and Tietz (both perfectionists), could not find a source to build shutters of a quality equal to their craftsmanship. So they did it themselves. Word spread and orders poured in. Eventually, in 1987, they opened The Shutter Mill and perfected the Kirtz Shutter.

“We chose Stillwater for its central location and for its dependable, professional wood crafters,” says Kirby. “Here we can keep our overhead down, which helps make even the rarest of our most exotic shutters affordable,” he explains.

Even after the recent expansion of its nearly 40,000-square-foot plant, every step in making Kirtz shutters is still done by hand, right up to the final hand-rubbed finishes. “Most of our employees are here because of their love affair with wood,” Tietz says, “and we believe that this pride in craftsmanship shows in every one of our shutters.”

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